Job Description

Einsteinium Foundation is looking for a Blockchain Developer to work on our new cryptocurrency core (wallet) that utilizes Ethash mining algorithm. The ideal candidate will have strong hands-on development experience with Bitcoin or any other Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency core project.

This current position is not recruiting for smart contracts developers.

Skills and Experience

• Minimum 3+ years of experience in hands-on software development roles.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field.

• Blockchain/Distributed Ledger technology: hands-on experience with Bitcoin or

Bitcoin-like core, Ethereum core, Ethash and Stratum protocol.

• C++ stack: C/C++, boost, STL, OOP, multithreading, Linux/Unix/Shell, gcc/g++, makefile,


• LevelDB/Berkeley DB

• Thorough understanding of blockchain principles

• Complete understanding of mining (PoW), block formation, validation etc.

• Blockchain data types and structures

• Passion for delivering quality and secure software solutions

• Effective communication & collaboration skills.

To apply for this position email Alexander Lucaci ( with a Cover Letter/CV and link to your LinkedIn.