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There is something I would like to share with the EMC2 Community.

A previous bug we had at ‘Block 30,000’, which was a major roadblock for MIL development and release is being resolved!To provide a little more clarifying background on the issue: the EMC2 foundation software developers have worked on bringing ETHash algorithm into EMC2 codebase, which with some additional technical improvements would result in our new coin release, known as ‘MIL’.

A full description of the project, technical specifications, genesis, and rationale behind it can be found in the MIL Blue Paper.

After about a year of work, one of our core developers suddenly left the foundation leaving behind what was thought to be a functional MIL wallet, pool, as well as additional software modules necessary for initial distribution and completion of the airdrop.

After this departure the EMC2 foundation started intensive software quality control and testing and discovered that the mining process would get stuck at the block 30,000. Unfortunately, consultations with the original developer was not enough to resolve the issue.

An analogous situation arises, for example, if you want to customize your car with more power. Simply moving the engine from one car to another would not be enough to complete this process. You have to consider that there is a transmission and other peripherals involved in the upgrade.

The same situation presents itself with cryptocurrencies and their respective hashing algorithms. Transitioning to a new algorithm takes enormous effort to work. And it is not simply enough for the blockchain network to function. There are additional parts involved that concurrently need to be updated.

During our testing and debugging phase, pressure for expected release has increased, the developer lost steam and at some point made himself not available even on consulting bases.

Some of the very OG members and long term contributors to EMC2 foundation picked up this responsibility and carried on with looking into resolving the ‘Block 30,000’ bug.

After weeks, and I can say months, of looking into both code bases, and some brainstorming sessions, it seems like ideas of how to move forward have sparked.Just yesterday, we were successfully able to pass the 30k barrier on regnet! Which in other terms means that we are looking into testing fixes on our test network and ultimately have moved closer to releasing MIL main network.

We are committed to the MIL project, how about you?

Where there is smoke, there’s fire.


Stewards of The Einsteinium Foundation

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EMC2 & MIL General

Modi to join Bangabandhu’s birth centenary celebrations online

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will join the birth centenary celebrations of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 17 through video conferencing. More News WoodLand Daily News

He will also send a video message on the occasion, said Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Foreign Secretary at the Ministry of External Affairs of India, in a meeting at Hyderabad House in Delhi on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will also join the video conference.

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